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We Specialize In Double Reed Instruments
We are authorized dealers of Fox, Fox/Renard, and Leitzinger bassoons.
Pre Sales Service
All instruments go through our detailed new instrument set up procedure. We insist on flawless pads, properly installed, and equally flawless tone hole facings. We check the mechanism for proper fit, because even a perfect pad will not seal properly when the keywork has excess play. Then the instrument is adjusted, and the spring tension is regulated for comfortable fingering. After that is done the play testing begins; voicing and intonation corrections are made when necessary. All this assures our instruments will reward their players with superior performance for years with a minimum of regular maintenance.
Forrests offers a free follow up service within about a month of delivery, with costs limited to shipping.
We deliver the same mechanical perfection on all of our instruments, from intermediate models to the finest professional instruments.
Our prices are competitive, and commensurate with keeping a stock of well serviced instruments. Please give is a call at 800-322-6263 for prices.
Instrument Trials
We think our instruments are the best, but of course everybody says that! To make it as easy as possible for you to make sure you select the best instrument, Forrests makes all stock instruments available for a one week trial (plus 2 days shipping time each way). Shipping and insurance will be charged to the customer's credit card. During the trial period the customer accepts full responsibility for loss or damage. After the trial period the instrument must be returned or purchased and paid for in full. Once an instrument has been purchased, after trial, the sale is final and the instrument is not returnable.
Post Sale Service
Forrests' Service Certificate offers non-institutional customers a 20% discount from our normal shop charges on all maintenance and repairs for a period of three years following purchase of any double reed instrument.
This Service Certificate is not offered to institutional purchasers. (Schools, colleges, military, etc.)
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