Oils & Greases

Woodwind All Spray Woodwind All Spray
A bore and pad spray treatment which helps reduce water problems. 2 oz. spray can.
(#O-01) $13.95
Cork Grease
A twist tube of cork grease.
(#O-02) $2.50
Cork Grease
F. Lorée Cork Grease Box
Round, empty, screw top container to hold cork grease. Fits most French style cases.
(#O-04) $14.95
SuperSlick Key Oil SuperSlick Key Oil
A needle oiler filled with 1/2 oz. of fine key oil. This makes it easy to apply key oil only where it is needed, and avoid those messy spills.
(#O-15) $6.95

Polishing Cloths

Forrests Microfiber Cloth
This 12"x12" white microfiber cloth is 10 times finer and softer than silk and will not scratch. Light weight, very durable, super absorbent, lint free and washable. Put it between the joints of your bassoon, or on top of your oboe, for added protection in the case.
(#O-36) $4.95
Forrests Microfiber Cloth
Silver Polish Cloth Silver Polish Cloth
15 " X 12 1/2" Chemically treated cloth cleans silver keys and inhibits tarnish formation.
(#O-05) $3.50

Bore Oils

Bore Oil Bore Oil
A plastic bottle containing about 1.6 oz. Apply sparingly with an old swab or a feather. Contains petroleum distilates. (Caution: oily rags can be a fire hazard. Always hang up rags to dry before discarding.)
(#O-03) $5.00
Lorée Natural Bore Oil
"Mixture of biological oils 100% pure and natural" - pesticide free vegatable oil.
(#O-34) $19.95
Lorée Natural Bore Oil

Instrument Care Kits

Bassoon Care Kit
Contains: Needle oiler with key oil, finger hole brush, bocal brush, humidifier, silver cloth, silk swab (for wing & boot), carrying case.
(#O-21) $56.75
Bassoon Care Kit
Oboe Care Kit Oboe Care Kit
Contains: Needle oiler with key oil, bore oil, staple brush (also cleans octave wells), humidifier, silver cloth, silk swab, carrying case.
(#O-20) $43.25


Image of DampitsA "Dampit" humidifier stores moisture and releases it gradually. It helps to maintain a more stable humidity level in the body of a wooden instrument, as well as keeping cork- and leather pads more resilient. Essential in regions with dry climates, but useful elsewhere during periods of low humidity. Directions for use are included.
(#O-16) Oboe Humidifier $16.50
(#O-17) Bassoon Humidifier $19.99


Oboe & E/horn Cozies. Just put your instrument on its stand and slip the insulated cozy over it to help keep it warm and dry. Ideal for doublers.
(#O-23-O) Oboe cozy $25.00
(#O-23-EH) English horn cozy $35.00
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