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Oboe, Oboe d'amore, English horn, Bass Oboe, and Bassoon Rentals 

Forrests rents well-maintained and respected brands of oboes, English horns, d'Amores, bass oboes, & bassoons. There is a 3-month minimum rental period for oboe and bassoon rentals; English horns, d'Amores & bass oboes are available for short term rentals. There is no purchase option.

Prospective renters: please note that we obtain a credit report for each new renter. We will need you to provide us with such additional personal information as Social Security No, Driver License No., and date of birth. Sorry, we are unable to rent to you if you live, or the instrument will be used (except for short trips) outside the United States.

Oboes (reeds not included)
A typical entry level oboe, appropriate for the first six months to a year, rents for $35.00 to $45.00 per month.

For players continuing after the first year or those who have had prior experience on another woodwind, we recommend an intermediate model, such as the Fox 333 (with left hand F-key) These rent for $55.00 to $70.00 per month.

We have an assortment of various other models at varying prices; some better, some not as good as the above, and always in good playing condition.

During peak season we have more demand than available instruments, so it's best to plan ahead.

English Horns (reeds  not included)
We rent intermediate English horns appropriate for amateur use, including community orchestras, high schools, and colleges.  Rental rates are $100.00 to $140.00 per week or $200.00 to $280.00 per month.

Oboe d'amore (reeds not included)
Our oboe d'amores (we have a Lorée and a Forrests) rent for $110.00 to $220.00 per week, or $220.00 to $440.00 per month.

Bass Oboe (reeds not included)
Our bass oboes (we have a Lorée and a Rigoutat) rent for $220.00 per week, or $520.00 per month.  We also sell bass oboe reeds.

Bassoons (reeds not included)
We really do not have enough stock of rental bassoons to hardly even mention them and they tend to stay out on rental for a long time. But you might give us a try anyway; who knows, maybe you get lucky. Bassoon rentals range in price from $90.00 to $225.00 per month.

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